ECONO-CHEM was formed in 1989, and has supplied Econo-Clean to over 60,000 North American clients.  Their use of Econo-Clean will help to prevent up to 6 million empty spray bottles from ending up in our landfills.  Our customers have also saved millions of dollars in maintenance costs by using Econo-Clean, instead of expensive, ready-to-use, brand-name products.

Econo-Chem's goal is to provide high performance maintenance results, for only pennies per spray bottle.

Instead of using a different product for every need, Econo-Clean has the ability to tackle everything from light uses at the home to heavy industrial applications.

Econo-Clean contains no phosphates, bleaching agents, acids or solvents. It works on a sodium-based lifting agent, which gets into the pores of a material, to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded.
 If your stain contains permanent dyes, such as; hair dye, orange pop, grape juice, kool-aid or permanent marker, then Econo-Clean may not remove them.

In some cases, several applications of a 10:1 dilution, plus elbow grease will break down and remove these types of stains. Our unique formula makes Econo-Clean one of the safest products you will ever use. Econo-Clean is non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic once diluted to our recommended dilution strengths.

Most businesses and homes have dozens of expensive-to-use products.
As you use them up, refill them with Econo-Clean and start saving money


Econo Chem