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To provide our customers with high performance maintenance products for only pennies per spray bottle.

To be an industry leader in providing an economical alternative to conventional maintenance products.


Econo-Chem started in 1989, quickly growing to help thousands of businesses and home-owners across Canada and the USA save money on maintenance products while achieving excellent results.


Instead of using a different product for every need, Econo-Clean has the ability to tackle everything from light uses at home to heavy industrial applications.  

Econo-Clean contains no phosphates, bleaching agents, acids or solvents.  It works on a sodium based lifting agent, which gets into the pores of a material, to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded.  If your stain contains permanent dyes, such as; hair dye, orange pop, grape juice, kool-aid or permanent marker, then Econo-Clean may not remove them.  In some cases, several applications of a 10:1 dilution, plus elbow grease will break down and remove these types of stains.

Our unique formula makes Econo-Clean one of the safest products you will ever use.  Econo-Clean is non-corrosive, nonflammable and non-toxic once diluted.

Most homes and businesses have dozens of expensive and dangerous products.  As you use them up, refill them with Econo-Clean and start saving money!

Add your own water to Econo-Clean and you custom blend your own highly effective maintenance solutions for only pennies per spray bottle:

  • Heavy Duty               10-1 with water
  • General Purpose      30-1 with water
  • Light Duty                  120-1 with water

Whether you are purchasing for one of Canada's largest automotive groups, your restaurant, any type of business or for your home; everyone has the same pricing....the more you order the less cost per jug or pail.

We have all been trained by the large multi -national companies that you need a different product for everything that needs to be restored, cleaned, detailed or renewed.  These companies generate billions in revenue by training you to buy countless products that are costly, dangerous and limited to one or two uses only.  We are the industry leader in providing the ultimate,  all- purpose concentrate.  "Econo-Clean" does it all for pennies per spray bottle.  Every business has both fixed and controllable expenses.  Let us show you how to reduce your maintenance costs by 80-90% .  Add your own water and custom blend your own products.  Eliminate dangerous solvents, degreasers, aerosols  and specialized products with just one!   Protect Mother Nature with a food safe, biodegradable, eco -friendly product that delivers the results you deserve.  Tired of the hassle, danger, damages that come with buying dangerous and limited products?   Let us help you simplify and save money today!