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Thousands of North American businesses use Econo-Clean everyday for their cleaning and degreasing needs.  The New Blue Blaster Tornado Guns, with a 30-1 dilution of Econo-Clean and water, improves your cleaning and degreasing results to a whole new level.


Uses your shop’s compressed air supply.  Needs 90 psi minimum to maximum 120 psi.
Refillable one litre tank.
Adjustable.  Set lever vertical for cleaning, then set lever horizontal for drying.
The Blue Blaster nebulizes the Econo-Clean solution into a powerful mist of tiny aerosol droplets, which quickly penetrates and emulsifies grease or dirt, which then blows away from the surfaces being cleaned.  The nozzle tip that dispenses the Econo-Clean aerosol spins at high speeds.
Uses are: vehicle detailing, cleaning rims and tires, equipment cleaning, quick parts washing & degreasing etc.  Use for applications where a pressure washer is not suitable.

The Blue Blaster allows you to clean faster and with better results!