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CFIA approved, for use in food processing & handling areas.

​Simple Ideas are Often the Best

Instead of using a different product for every need, Econo-Clean has the ability to tackle everything from light uses at home to heavy industrial applications. Econo-Clean does not contain phosphates, bleaching agents, acids, or solvents. It works on sodium based lifting agents, which get into the pores of a material, to lift and remove anything which is not permanently bonded. If your stain contains permanent dyes, such as hair dye, orange pop, grape juice, kool-aid, or permanent marker, then Econo-Clean may not remove them. In some cases, several applications of a 10:1 dilution, plus elbow grease will break down and remove these types of stains.

Our unique formula makes Econo-Clean one of the safest products you will ever use. Econo-Clean is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-toxic when diluted as instructed. Most homes and businesses have dozens of expensive and dangerous products. As you use them up, refill them with Econo-Clean and start saving money! 

Econo-Clean is a very highly concentrated solution to which you add water.  You can custom blend your own maintenance products at a fraction of the cost relative to off-the-shelf products.

Most cleaning products that you buy are already diluted with water, so you use them straight.  These products are usually priced at $3-$8 per spray bottle.  When you blend Econo-Clean with water, you get huge savings.....for example you can replace window-glass products for about a dime per spray bottle and still get excellent results.

Our 3 recommended dilutions are:

Heavy Duty                  10-1 with water

General Purpose         30-1 with water

Light Duty                    120-1 with water

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