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1.   “Why is the Econo-Clean streaking my windows?”

You are probably using it at too strong of a dilution.  The correct dilution is 120:1, which is one teaspoon of Econo-Clean concentrate into a typical 750 ml spray bottle filled with water.  In addition, there are some brand name window and glass products that you may have been using, which may have left a build-up on your glass.  It may take more than one application of Econo-Clean to remove that build up.

2.   “I cleaned a carpet stain a few days ago, and it was gone. Now it looks like the stain came back. How come?”
In some cases, it will take more than one application to remove a carpet stain.  The sooner you take out a carpet stain after it occurs, the better your success.  If a carpet stain is old, it has probably been stepped on thousands of times, and gone down into the carpet underlay.  Repeat the cleaning application again, and you will see some of the stain on your towel, out of your carpet.  Refer to the Carpet Stain section of your brochure.

3.   “I had a sales rep from another company call on me who said they have the exact same product as Econo-Clean. Is this true?”
No.  There is only one Econo-Clean, and we keep our exact formula and blending process confidential.  Others may try to copy it, but they will never achieve the same percentages of ingredients, blending process or the high performance of Econo-Clean.

4.   “I had a sales rep tell me that their company bought Econo-Chem, and they are reservicing all of Econo-Chem’s customers with their own, different product. Is this true?”
No.  Some competitors will go to any length to generate a sale.  It is a case of Buyer Beware.  When you have any doubt about the authenticity of a sales rep’s call, then contact our offices at 1-800-267-7501.

5.   “Why should I order Econo-Clean when I can get another concentrate for cheaper?”

Most maintenance products are 99% water and you use them straight.   There are other liquid concentrates on the market but many of them have to be used straight or at a 1-1 ratio with water for the heavy-duty cleaning tasks, for a high using cost.  For example:

  • use a competing concentrate that costs $90 per 20 litre pail.  Must be used at a 1-1 ratio with water for your heavy duty applications.  Your 1 pail of concentrate makes 2 pails of Heavy Duty solution.  Your actual using cost is $45 per 20 litre pail.
  • use Econo-Clean concentrate at $196 per 20 litre pail (when you buy 3 pails).  Use at a 10-1 ratio with water for your heavy duty applications.  Your 1 pail of Econo-Clean concentrate makes 10 pails of Heavy Duty solution.  Your actual using cost is $19.60 per 20 litre pail.

In this example, Econo-Clean is less than half the cost to use over the "cheaper" concentrate.
Econo-Clean is one of the most highly concentrated liquid all-purpose maintenance products available in both Canada & the USA.

6. “How do I use the Econo-Clean on ………………?”
Please refer to your brochure, or our website, for most applications.  If your question is not answered there, then give us a call at 1-800-267-7501.

7. “Can the Econo-Clean be used in food handling and preparation areas?”
Yes.  Econo-Clean has CFIA approval for use in food handling and preparation areas.  Please follow the instructions on the label.  Since the Econo-Clean is approved by Agriculture Canada, it satisfies the requirements of CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).  CFIA is Canada’s federal food safety, animal health and plant protection enforcement agency.