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If your business needs to frequently refill spray bottles and mop buckets, then consider using a Lafferty proportioner Blending Centre.  Hook up a garden hose water feed, and this unit draws concentrate out of a pail or jug, to accurately blend any strength solution that you need.  Flow rates are customizable for either a spray bottle fill or a mop bucket fill.

For situations that require a higher volume of daily maintenance, consider using 10 litre EZ Fill dispensers.  Follow the dilution guide label instructions to perfectly blend the solutions that you need.  Refill your spray bottles from the EZ Fill's spigot.  Perfect for restaurants, automotive, hotels, motels.....any type of business.

A 4 litre jug, a pump and a spray bottle is our most basic blending and dispensing solution.  The pump screws onto the jug lid and the dip-tube goes down to the bottom of the jug.  Each pump stroke dispenses 1 ounce of concentrate, without tipping or spilling.  Perfect solution for many businesses as well as in your home.

We have many solutions for your maintenance needs, whether you manage one of Canada's largest auto dealerships, hotels, motels, restaurants, auto-body shop, any kind of business as well as your home.